Code Of Conduct


LKRO NGO: is a domestic non- governmental, non- political and not-for-profit organization
registered with Ministry of Economy under license no 183..

Not-for-profit: The NGO (LKRO) cannot distribute its assets, earnings or profits as such to any
person rather than beneficiaries. However, there may be paid employees or activities generating
revenue which will be used solely for the stated purposes of the organization.

Impartiality: we offer assistance to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion,
gender or political affiliation.

Transparency: a lack of hidden agendas and conditions, accompanied by the availability of full
information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making or minimum
degree of disclosure to which agreements, dealings, practices, and transactions are open to all for

Accountability: we are committed to regularly evaluating the effects of our activities. We
assume the responsibility of accounting for our actions to our beneficiaries, donors and other
interested stakeholders.

Neutral: we do not take sides in armed conflicts, we provide care on the basis of need, and we
push for independent access to victims of conflict as required under international humanitarian

Independence: We conduct our own evaluations on the ground to determine peoples’ needs. Our
programs are designed based on identified needs and not on political rhetoric or fads.
Complaint: a statement, expression of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment from beneficiaries,
community members, partners and members of a signatory NGO, network organizations, staff
members of the signatory NGO, or any other stakeholders against a signatory of the code of

International humanitarian law and international human rights law:
two distinct but complementary bodies of law. They are both concerned with the protection of
the life, health and dignity of individuals. (ICRC)