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Newly enrolled girl's classroom in qalat province

Step by step, we stride towards progress as we welcome the new students in Qalat Province. into the realm of education. Their enrollment not only symbolizes individual growth but also marks a pivotal moment in the collective development of our community. With each girl comes a wealth of potential, a promise of positive change, and a brighter future for us all. Here's to their courage, determination, and the boundless possibilities that their education will unfold.

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Classroom Kits Distribution

At LKRO NGO, we find immense joy in every act of spreading knowledge. It's a privilege and a passion that drives us to make a positive impact. Witnessing the transformation that education brings, the empowerment it fosters, and the doors it opens, fills us with a profound sense of fulfillment. Every lesson shared, every skill taught, and every mind enlightened ripples outward, creating a chain reaction of progress. The joy of spreading knowledge goes beyond imparting information; it's about nurturing growth, igniting curiosity, and paving pathways to a better future for individuals and their communities.

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Organization’s Background

LKRO is a national NGO established in 1992 and registered with Ministry of Economy under License No.183 and is an active member of ACBAR and SWABAC NGOs Coordinating Bodies. 

LKRO has currently presence in 18 provinces of Afghanistan and has completed more than 185 large, small and medium size projects in the last 27 years of its operation in Afghanistan.  These are in the sectors of health (disability, nutrition, health education etc), sustainable community development, Livelihood, Youth Empowerment, Child Protection, Research Studies, Education, Environment and Capacity Building of CDCs, DDA, Youths and Governmental Employees.  Most of these projects/programs were funded by the UN agencies such as UNDP, UNOPS, UNHCR, WFP, WHO, UNICEF and Government such as MRRD, NEPA along with other international donor organizations such as ICA, IOM, TDH, Japan Embassy (GAGP Unit), Oxfam, Action Aid, Counterpart International, Caritas-Cordaid and SC.

Vision & Mission

Vision: LKRO is envisioned to move towards a nation and country, where people can live together peacefully in a democratic society, with respect for each other’s culture and religion, a country where there are more equal social, economic and cultural rights for men and women of present and future generations, a country where people can determine in freedom how to use their talents and skills, a country which helps Afghanistan evolve into a peaceful and developed country where people’s basic needs are met, address multidimensional aspects of poverty and social justice is promoted.

Mission: To empower individuals, communities, grassroots civil society organizations and promote gender equity by improving development indicators pertaining to poverty reduction, WASH, health, education, human rights, environment and livelihood support to individuals and / or families in desperate need.